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What If There Were No More Drama?

In my previous posting, when I posed the question, “What if there were no drama?” I had no idea that it was going to be such a drama-filled week. 

First there was the outcome of the ubiquitous U.S. election which had a most dramatic turn, triggering shock, grief, and even protests around the world.

If you are on social media at all, you are aware of the huge investment of time and energy that the election consumed in human consciousness.

Spiritual pundits, political experts, and friends and neighbours are sharing their shock and grief (or pleasure and joy) at the outcome. 

On a more personal level, my husband and I, too, became the center of a drama which played out on a smaller scale within our family.  

The two incidents, though seemingly much different, are really very similar.

No matter the scale of the event, drama can be defined as an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstance.  

There are two simple things to understand: 

1.       Drama is the domain of the ego, that aspect of self which operates from a belief system based on fear…  the insidious undercurrent of fear that plays the background music of our lives. It makes  its presence known when our expectations are not met, when things don’t go our way, and when we react deeply. To know whether or not you are in fear, ask this: Am I feeling peace? 

2.       There is another aspect of self that operates from a belief system based on Love… the Enlightened Self. The Enlightened Self knows not of disappointment, despair, nor fear.  

The bottom line is that you get to choose how you react and respond to whatever form drama takes in your life.  

Typically, the ego self makes its presence known very quickly, jumping into your conscious awareness to register its outrage.

The ego speaks first, often loudly.

One’s level of emotional maturity (or emotional intelligence) as well as one’s spiritual mastery will determine how long you decide to stay in that state.

In other words, you get to choose how long you take the hand of the emotional ego self.  

Your Enlightened Self regards the drama with a sense of detachment… observing it but not getting drawn into it.

There is no drama when you can watch it as if it were a play on the stage of your life.

Or watching a specimen in a petri dish.

From that perspective, one can observe without getting drawn in too deeply.  

As you will see in the attached graphic, it means that you can become immune to the impact of drama.

Indifferent to it, letting it roll off your back like water off a duck.  

How does that sound to you?

Is that something you aspire to?

I know some of you achieve it on a regular basis, and we can benefit from your wisdom.



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