Sheila M. Kelly

What if there were no drama?

Inner peace.

We think we want it.

But do we really?

A Course in Miracles has a section devoted to The Obstacles to Peace.

The first obstacle may surprise you because……………….

Course indicates that the first obstacle to peace is our desire to get rid of it.



Does that mean I want to get rid of a sense of inner peace?


I’ve heard this desire expressed this way:

“Wouldn’t my life be boring?”


Ego doesn’t like boring, it seems.


If there were no drama in your life… what then?

What would it look like?

How would it feel?

Who would I BE without the drama?

What would fill the void left behind?


Which begs the question:

Are we actually stirring up all the drama and chaos that we perceive all about us?


It is only when we ponder these questions deeply and honestly that we can begin to let go of (heal) our desire for drama.

Inner peace.

We think we want it.

But do we really?


2 thoughts on “What if there were no drama?

  1. Charles

    Thanks for the reminder on obstacles to peace. I’ve read it before but guess it needed reinforcement. Here it is: Chapter 19: The Attainment of Peace
    A. The First Obstacle: The Desire to Get Rid of It
    1 The first obstacle that peace must flow across is your desire to get rid of it.

    And yep, boring has to be of the ego. I hear it all the time and with social media constantly intruding in our lives it can only get worse. As the Bible teaches, “Peace. Be still”.


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