Sheila M. Kelly

“Holy Hell”

When I say that “The darkness can disguise itself as Light,” I often get blank stares.

The most recent example of what I mean by this is captured in the documentary, “Holy Hell” showing on CNN. If you have access, I encourage you to invest your time to follow the journey of the “disciples” of one Michel/Andreas who labelled his community Buddhafield. The trailer is here

Think about what it is about the “disciples” that they were drawn into and trusted this man.

Think about the wisdom of trusting any teacher in this way.

Think about what… and who… you are wise to trust.

Think about why the teacher in this documentary needed the pedestal.

I’ve learned not to put anyone on a pedestal, no matter how charismatic or enlightened or popular they may be.

There have been some who have put me on a pedestal, a place I do not aspire to inhabit.

As a colleague says, “It hurts too much when I fall off.”

We are all blessed with a wise Inner Teacher… one who comes from Only Love.

That is who/what I trust, and that is who/what I use to assess and discern messages and messengers.


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