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Meditation, Affirmations and Living in the “Now”

I am grateful today for this quote which came into my awareness this week:

Being in the now does not heal your unconscious guilt and undo the ego.

This quote from Gary Renard** captures perfectly what I have long believed about many spiritual practices.

For example, meditation can help us enter a state of bliss, but… then we return to this so-called life and its unhealed, fear-based belief system.

We say our beautiful affirmations and they seem to work and then… we find ourselves falling into the same-old same-old patterns of behavior.

Staying in the “now” is a popular phrase now, as well. Like all practices, it has value and… the “now” we stay in is often ego-based.

More and more, folks are understanding that the key to real inner peace and healing lies in eradicating our sub-conscious, fear-based belief system.

Ru Paul***, drag queen icon, revealed this in an interview recently, “But the truth is, you look at the (U.S.) election, you see what people are doing, and you see, Okay, the subconscious mind, it’s still going for the lowest common denominator.

The sub-conscious mind is the home of those fears that are largely unconscious and which are driving up to 95% of our behavior. Trust me when I say that, after coaching hundreds of individuals, the fears are within all of us. I’m not good enough, I’m going to be found out, I don’t fit in are just a few that simmer below the surface of our existence.  At the core of our sub-conscious belief system is, as Gary Renard articulated above, a ton of guilt. Guilt that we don’t want to look at for to do so would reveal something about ourselves that we’d rather not face.

I see it all the time, never more clearly than with “spiritual” types… those who want to ignore or escape from the deepest shadows of fear by putting on a religious or spiritual façade.

I understand. I, too, can adopt the façade. You see, it takes courage, tremendous courage to look at the fear.

And then we discover that it truly is illusory.

A few days ago, in my new spiritual practise of using PSYCH-K and seeking healing in a relationship, I came face to face with murderous rage within me. The healing came when I was shown and was able to recognize the rage for the illusion it was… a product of my own belief in anger and rage. As such, it has no power but that I give it. The end part of this process is to forgive myself not only for the rage but for the way I project it onto relationships, blaming “them” for something originating in my belief system… rage which I then project onto to others so that I don’t have to acknowledge it within myself.

Do you see the vicious cycle of this?

As a footnote, for now, it is best that I not cultivate this relationship. Understanding my own projections and forgiving myself and others does not necessarily mean that.

** Your Immortal Reality, page 193

*** Ru Paul interview



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